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Top 10 Reasons Video Gaming for Over 1 Hour is Devastating

There are too many reasons why screens can kill you. In fact, it's actually unhealthy for kids under the age of two to set their eyes on screens at all! Doctors say it's bad for you to be on anything digital for more than an hour! To prove my point, let me tell you my top 5 reasons why it's treacherous.

1. Your brains will slowly evaporate out of you skull. Why? When you are staring at a TV, you aren't learning. You are also forgetting everything everything you have learned by doing nothing, in fact, you aren't even thinking!

2. You become fat and lazy. Sitting on a sofa doing nothing, and eating food while you stare at your precious Mario Brothers will get you no exercise. There is a reason why the pioneers were so skinny. They actually moved their bodies.

3. You should be exploring the great outdoors. I'm telling you, it's more interesting than you think. Adam's whole job was naming animals. That was such a huge job, because there are so many interest…