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The City's Way of Cooling Off


The Kimball's Difficulty

There once and still is a family named Kimballs. They, at the time were living in a castle. There was Sir Thomas and Lady Evangeline and their children: Gabriel who was 14 and just became a squire, Abigail who was 12 and learning to be a lady, Corina at age 10 and much more ladylike than Abigail, and the last one was baby Leviticus who was 2. This wonderful family had a problem though, every day they woke up to something missing. They did not know what to think of this especially because the object that was missing was usually food. So one day Gabriel asked his dad: “ Father, because I am learning to become a knight may I stay up all night to watch for this thief?” and father said: “ Yes, I am proud of you to be so brave.” So Gabriel sat down by the door to wait. He was so tired though because he had tasted some of his Fathers strong liquor that day and fell asleep. When he woke up he ran to his Father and said “ I fell asleep!”. Since he fell asleep, Abigail thought she would give it…