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The Answer to Remembering all Those Prayer Requests

The Prayer Wall It used to be that when I sat down during my quiet time, I could literally never remember everything I was praying for. My other issue was that I'm terrible at memorizing stuff, so all the prayer requests I got pretty much went out the back window of my brain after the conversation was over.
There was a need for a real SOLUTION.

My solution was the prayer wall. It's a place were I put pictures, prayer requests, and those flyer people make with the stuff they need prayer for. It really helps and I love it because every time I come in my room it's like a little reminder goes off in my mind to pray!

After I had my prayer wall for a while, I started brainstorming how we could get the family's prayers all in one place that would be cute and match the rest of the house. That's were I came up with the prayer board. Actually a lot of people do it (which I discovered later on pinterest) and there are some great ideas out there. Anyways, all we had was this …