The Answer to Remembering all Those Prayer Requests

The Prayer Wall It used to be that when I sat down during my quiet time, I could literally never remember everything I was praying for. My other issue was that I'm terrible at memorizing stuff, so all the prayer requests I got pretty much went out the back window of my brain after the conversation was over.
There was a need for a real SOLUTION.

My solution was the prayer wall. It's a place were I put pictures, prayer requests, and those flyer people make with the stuff they need prayer for. It really helps and I love it because every time I come in my room it's like a little reminder goes off in my mind to pray!

After I had my prayer wall for a while, I started brainstorming how we could get the family's prayers all in one place that would be cute and match the rest of the house. That's were I came up with the prayer board. Actually a lot of people do it (which I discovered later on pinterest) and there are some great ideas out there. Anyways, all we had was this …

Pendant Lamp DIY

Would you like to be able to boast that you made a lamp in your house? Well, if you do, then this is the DIY for you! Not to mention that you it's modern, personalized, and can be a fun group activity.


Like my fake warning sign?
Just getting your attention.
Let's get started!

Basically all you need is a paper lantern, string lights, an extension cord and a few other random things to hang it up (I'll mention these later). Now, since amazon links are AWESOME, I'm going to give you some. That means I've done all the research for you!

For this project, you can use a plain white lantern and decorate it, or you can choose whatever color you'd like. Here are some white ones and colored ones. You can get different sizes but to make one that is more like a lamp, I'd suggest at least 12 inches. Again, you can get colored lights if you want, but I'd suggest just white lights. The more light you want, the mo…

Downtown Chicago Pictures+Touring German Cousin Around...

Just recently, my cousin came to stay with us from Germany and it's been a blast! We've done a lot of photography together but I think the best so far is from downtown Chicago. Normally, I pictures of mostly nature and food. But recently, I got inspired from my friends instagram: She takes AMAZING photos of the city! Anyways, we went downtown with my cousin to show her some cool Chicago and I was like...

Time for camera action.

And I took that.

A lot of times I feel like the city is so ugly why would I want to take a freakin' picture of it? But, I realized it was time to embrace were I live.

Those towers were so weird and cool I just couldn't resist. Cars were parked in those little cubby areas farther down the building. What a view to come home to and look out of your garage at!

I am NOT trying to be political guys I just accidentally got Trump tower in there. After we walked for like a mile we finally got to the bean. Then I took …

Guest Post: Easy Mocha Mix by Bethany Kimball

Hey everybody!
Today I am going to show you one of my favorite recipes.  It is super easy and I love it!   The recipe makes a lot of cups, because you only use three teaspoons of it per cup of water :).  So here is what you need:

Dry Creamer (I used hazelnut creamer, but you can do whatever)CocoaInstant coffeeSugarChocolate pudding mix (optional, but fun)
Ok, so put one cup of the dry creamer into a bowl (I used a jar so it looked fancy).  Next add the chocolate pudding (or just skip this step if you want).
Add four tablespoons of cocoa.

Now add one cup sugar.

Last but not least add in one cup instant coffee.

Now mix it all up; I could not mix it in the jar so I mixed it in a bowl and poured it in.

To make the actual mocha put three teaspoons mocha mix in a cup with cold water. 

Microwave for one minute (If you want it really hot you can microwave it more), and stir.

Your mocha is complete. Yum!
Okay, for all of you people who like to skip all the dillydallying and get to the point he…