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Pigs in a Blanket

This is an easy recipe that I remember being a favorite in all my childhood.
I mean, what's better than a crescent-roll covered cocktail sausage DIPPED (my relationship with all dipped things is quite attached) in whatever suits your fancy?!? And in a kids eyes, it's just a hotdog you can grab and devour without much mess.
It takes literally 20 minutes to make and bake; bonus! And since we're using crescent rolls and cocktail sausages, it isn't a gross little kid snack that all the adults eye with disgust as they feed it to their children.
When you make this for parties, picnics, lunch boxes and picky kids, you'll be sure to succeed! I set this down on the counter and within an hour they were completely gone and I have no recollection of any leftovers whatsoever.
The best thing about this is that you only need two ingredients: crescent rolls, and cocktail sausages.

That is IT.


Ingredients: Crescent rolls in a can Twice as many pre-cooked cocktail sau…