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Cartoon DIY

I did this on Google Draw (part of google drive)! My first graphic design project!

A Little Something I Wrote in School...

Betty and another pilot named George were on their way to El Real for a missions trip. THUNK! Betty quickly swung her head around to see what had happened. Her friend George accidentally smashed their only red waco biplane into a shed that sat next the airstrip in El Real! How could this have happened? He was a really good pilot! It spun 180 degrees before she could do anything. “ Get out now!” she yelled, “It’s going to blow up!” They ran for cover, but no fire broke out. The red waco biplane was a mess! It was broken. It was chipped. It was banged up. Pilot Betty displayed her bravery in this disaster by protecting them both and not just standing there gaping. She was a brave pilot who used wings to serve God. Betty Greene wanted to use her interest in planes to serve God from when she was considerably little. When she was 8 years old she went to the University of Washington to watch charles Lindberg touch down his plane when he flew across the Atlantic. A couple of months later her…