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Sometimes my mind feels like this; Especially During Algebra.


Natural Hairstylist from the Beginning! (NOT trying to boast!)

So, these are all hairstyles that I have done since I was 10. That was the age when I decided I wanted to be a hair stylist. I started right away!
Ok, I have to admit, I was still learning:

You can't really see this style, but I was learning how to do my own hair.
Cute little curly pigtails! I just swept my hair into a beautiful bun that day! How about Pippi Longstocking for Halloween? You have to ignore the warrior in the front and look at the horrified girl in the back. T-Bone was a little skeptical about Z's hair that day I guess. It was one of those Why-are-you-taking-a-picture-of-me-in-this-blinding-sun moments I didn't do this style but one like it.  I did cornrows on my own head this time.  My friend actually did this on me recently but I just had to stick it in here because it was the only time in my life that my hair actually stood curled for an hour! My hair naturally after it's brushed...  Um, yea, this was the process.  You can't really see her hair to…


If I had a list of all my hobbies, it would look like this:
First, a beautician I'd like to be,
But maybe a cook would would suit me better.
Or, I around the world I could see?
Another thing is a nanny or a babysitter;
Unless I should capture scenes,
With a fancy camera!
I could also give a person's face a fancy sheen;
And add to eyelashes dark mascara.
One other thing's a hairstylist,
Of which pictures you have seen.
Know last of all, an actor with a Chicago lisp!