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A Taste of Summer

We just busted out blueberries and peaches that we had preserved in the summer! January 20, eating fruit we picked in August and June! We froze peeled, pitted and halved peaches in sugar water, and used containers that had been for the 50 quarts of apple sauce we made a previous year. We didn't wash or pick the sticks out of the blueberries though, and just froze them on trays, later to be thrown in whatever tupperware we had left.
Make sure to rinse them first.
It's such a bother to do it later! But the rest is a fabulous idea.
The peaches were kind of mushy from being frozen in water for so long, so they are better to be baked in cobblers and things. But when you defrost the blueberries, they are like you just picked them! I just mixed both together and provided bowls and spoons for anyone, which was fine, because of the abundance of babies that were over.
I was practically addicted to it, and would have ate the whole thing on the spot if it wasn't for …

Naturally Luscious Hair, Skin & Nails in the Winter

So as we all know, winter comes with cold, which means we turn our heaters on. Heaters blast hot, dry air into our houses. This dries our skin and hair out so we get eczema and split ends, which is very unwelcome!!!
And, how are we supposed to avoid it? Well, I got some answers. Lots of people slather the lotion and leave-in conditioner on, but I have a different method. BALANCE.

Oil Stability in Hair & Skin During the summer, we can't help it if the sweat, swimming and outside adventures result in every or every other day showers. That's not the case in the cold though! If you are the kind of person that avoids going places because of the icy air, and doesn't go trekking in the woods and sledding every single day, this is for you. I do have to admit though, its kind of city style. Even then, if you do decide to go on a cold adventure, you're not sweating! I mean, you end up going inside because you're freezing. In conclusion, the amount of dirt, sweat, and wat…

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide

Oh, YEA!!!
Smoothies are one of my very favorite ways to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables. I haven't quite mastered the smoothie with veggies in it, but I have bought them and thoughly enjoyed gulping it down. They can be hard to get right when you make it yourself though. There are a few tips and tricks that can really help the end turnout.

The first and foremost is to choose ingredients that make sense with each other, and that one isn't cancelling all the rest. Avocado, peanut butter, and celery (I would only suggest this guy for a savory smoothie or else it's positively gross...) totally take over. So make sure to add only a little of these or find a recipe that can help you know what other flavors will stand up for themselves so you don't only have one dominant one!
I like to mix a citrus fruit like oranges or berries, with a milder one like banana. I absolutely LOVE adding berries, they add so much punch!!! You can do other mixes like spiced pumpkin, o…

Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

Again!? Yea, again. I don't know about you, but right now our family is coming down with colds/flu. Sometimes it just stays nice and mild and won't spread too bad. But other times, it practically explodes it contagious self across your entire city.
Maybe even a few states? Yea, one time we got sick at the same time as our cousins in Germany and a few states across the country.
Anyways, you want to nip it in the bud. But at times, no matter what you try, the sickness ambushes your body. Their are natural tips and tricks across the web; but what is actually possible? Well, I'm the kind of person that has trouble putting habits into place and keeping them unless there is present the right drive. So what have I done?
I'm going to explain each thing scientifically so it makes sense and doesn't just seem like an old wives' tale.

Chicken Soup??? Supposedly, chicken broth or soup is supposed to help.  IT ACTUALLY DOES!!! But you have to do it right. Just a boui…

Chocolate-Peppermint Cookies

Would you believe it was a box mix? Well, not entirely! I always add a little something to make it my own. The box made it look like it came with frosting, but of course it didn't. My cousin brought some powdered sugar over and I busted out my amazing buttercream frosting to make up for it!
I actually memorized the recipe.

2 cups powdered sugar
1 stick of softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla or other flavor
A few tablespoons milk
Food coloring if needed.

Beat the butter and sugar with a mixer, then add vanilla. Add milk one tablespoon at a time until you get your desired consistency. Use food coloring if you want. Spread over cake, cookies, or whatever delectable dessert is in want of frosting.

Did I mention you can use half&half too? Even better CREAM if you're getting daring with your diet! Once I used orange juice for a lemon zest cake and it was amazing too. So get flexible and don't worry if you don't have exactly what you need!

Just make sure you have pow…