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No-Problemo Fried Donuts

I've shied away from fried donuts for sooo long because I was always afraid they'd turn out burnt on the outside, doughy on the inside, and irregularly shaped.
Talk about mistake-making trauma!
My terrible history with deep-frying food has already been explained in my fried chicken post. However, I love to repeat it.
In a nutshell, no matter how many blog posts, cookbooks, youtube videos and lectures from experienced grandmas I carefully noted, my frying would end up in a giant mess of greasy, burnt, terrible tasting articles of unidentifiable food.
Recently, I got up the courage to try fried chicken, once again! I hit a treasure trove when I found this AMAZING video by Divas Can Cook. She was so mind opening, I have no idea what clicked, but somehow I suddenly knew how to fry. So, donuts will be no-problemo, right?
Right, except for My Big Mistake of leaving my test donut in over-heated oil for 10 minutes while I got utterly absorbed in meticulously cutting perfect circles r…

Healthy Rice Crispies+The Best Way to Wrap a Granola Bar

So, these are basically a granola bar or a healthy rice krispy. For those who are already super healthy with a low-sugar diet, you can trick your kids (and self!) into thinking they are eating rice krispies. When really, it's just a granola bar with the same texture and way better ingredients.
Nowadays, it seems that either granola bars are way over-priced for what's in them, what's in them isn't healthy but it's cheap and tasty, or they have the best ingredients, flavor, and nourishment but are way to expensive for your budget.
I noticed this a few years ago, and strove to find the perfect granola bar recipe that wasn't too crumbly, didn't have extravagant ingredients that are great but normally aren't in our pantry, was easy to make and didn't take much $$$.

After trial and error, I discovered a recipe my mom had printed out and tried. Unfortunately, it had been printed and stuck on the fridge for a semi-permanent encampment of 3 months. I don…