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Frankincense: The Oil Adored For Centuries

I was so astonished when I found this out I was practically exploding. Frankincense oil, who would have known? The magi, of course. Good ole' wise guys. Anyway, it being one of these natural ninjas, I could go on and on about it. But, today I'll just focus on the miracles it can preform on your skin. Lots of people complain about spots, scars and unearthly discolorations. Now, I personally think a lot of ladies think they are WAY uglier than what is even close realistic. I haven't seen too many truly ugly women, and even then they had some beauty.
So ya'll can just chill.  It is a fact though, and I feel this myself, that when your skin doesn't want to stay one color (especially your face), it can be beyond annoying. So, I found this magical oil. I personally don't own it yet, but the things I've heard about it are shocking. Dr. Axe said that I test was done with frankincense oil, and that the people who did it said their faces cleared up 70 freakin' p…

Holiday Hairstyle: Bow Bun

I wanted to do something a little festive on Z this year. Last year my mom did a christmas tree, so it had to be something different. After trying to think up various things, I kind of gave up. But, I did have in my mind of how make this certain kind of bun. The thing is, it was made for straight hair, not braids. So when I did it with the braids, it came out looking a little strange. Toward the end, I realized I could just leave the the last two braids down, and it would look like a bow!!!

Basically, you take one strand or braid and wrap it around the ponytail. Next you take another strand, and wrap it the opposite way. Continue and leave the last two braids or strands.

Enjoy! I tied a little ribbon on a pin and stuck it up the bun in between the two hanging braids. Yuck, I keep saying braids, it's redundant!!!

Wake up Like This:

When I take a shower at night, I wake up and my hair is pressed into all the wrong directions. My hair will shape well if its wet, which is part of the problem I have when I sleep on it and smash it in into a bedhead shape.
Not a good idea. So then of course, I give myself two french braids to have nice beach waves in the morning... ... and get a weird you-braided-your-hair-last-night look because of the flat part on the top of my head that did not receive any braid.  Yuck. So then I go and realize I should just give myself octopus braids so that every hair is forced into some nice, kinky waves. 
Here is my instructional:

Get dressed.
Do your makeup.
Take your hair out.

Then say hi to the world.

Dip Cookies the Easy Way

For Christmas this year, we've been dipping, making, baking, and inventing cookies. My job was to dip them. For some people all the melting, perfecting and boiling-hot frosting seems a bit ominous, and frighting.
Guys, you are not a scaredy-cat if you're scared.
First off, let me tell you the first thing I did was a mistake. I put the hard melting candy (what DO you call it anyways???) in the microwave for way to long and forgot about. After my nose received the glorious gift of burnt sugar, I rushed over just to realize that my candy was brown and burnt. No, I did not freak out. Good job Abi!!!
I got admonished and my mom quickly told to do it only 30 seconds at a time. I never like to believe that because it took so long on our old microwave. Until we got a new over-the range baby that just cooks your food real darn quick.
So first off, only melt it 30 seconds at a time, and stir in between!!!

Here's what you'll need:
Melting chipsCookiesMicrowave-safe bowlsSprinkles…

Pizza Bombs

I sit in front of the last pizza bomb, and am helpless in its presence. At last, I am overtaken and eat it, officially my sixth in my history of pizza bomb consumption.
If you've been eating healthy for the last week, and haven't splurged much, then I suggest you make these. You won't be able to stop once you start so make sure you are eating them with a fellowship of other humans so you don't digest the whole batch.
I actually had no worries because I went on a road trip, didn't eat or drink on the plane for 4 WHOLE HOURS. Then, I got stomach flu and was rid of every single thing in my guts. Of course, I didn't eat for 3 days because sight of a roll repulsed me. I also missed Thanksgiving being down with a fever, so I didn't gain anything there. On top of the whole darn thing, I walked about 6 miles in some beautiful canyons. You wouldn't believe what happened.
I lost 5 pounds.
But, I'd never want to do all that again just for less belly fat. I mea…

Molten Chocolate Brownies

This is a really short post, because I'm practically dying on this office chair. I just really wanted to tell you about the most simple, impressive, and heavenly dessert I've made all in one, yet.

Step 1. Make brownie batter. Use the best recipe you have, or just buy a mix.  Step 2. Pour into muffin cups, only filling 1/3 of each. Spoon a cluster of chocolate chips into the center. Fill the rest of the way up with brownie batter. Step 3. Bake like you would cupcakes, but make sure the brownies are pulling away from the pan before you take out of the oven. Using the toothpick method won't work because the center is supposed to be gooey with chocolate. Wait for it to cool a few minutes, and gently set each one on a rack and EAT IMMEDIATELY! If you don't, the innards won't be molten! You can also re-heat it in the oven if you make them for later. Step 4: Indulge. Drink milk.

Chic Gift Idea: Epsom Salt Scrub

With only a few short weeks until Christmas, everybody is scrambling to find gifts for their 3rd cousin twice removed, great aunt Mabel that's related to who knows who, and your half-grandma who lives up in Canada!
I've been just looking for any ideas we have the supplies for, and making them. Then they get thrown into the family gift pile, which we distribute among family members and friends later. My most recent project was an epsom salt scrub. I personally am not a fan of scrubs for my skin, because it's already sensitive and scouring the top layer of won't help much. But, its been a huge hit among others that I've made it for. It's also fun to make. Bonus!
Now, epsom salt is known to have its medicinal, natural remedy properties, so I did some research.

Really Cool Thing #1: Epidermis Absorption Instead of having to digest, take in a pill, or work some fancy procedure to get magnesium sulfate to penetrate into your body, you just absorb it through you skin…

Ooh! Homemade Chapstick?

Yes. It was really fun and gave me quite a fulfilling feeling. It's a bit like making my lavender solid perfume, but I noticed the recipe had more oil than beeswax. Basically, vice versa. This is based off of a recipe by Martha Stewart, but I changed it up quite a bit like I always do.

I started off with the containers. Now I know its easier to get the pots, but I really think the chapstick containers are the best for chapstick. I made one in a pot, but it ended up being kind of hard to apply. But, it's a good way to use your leftover. Then you can get multicolored! They are made for it. It is their destiny. At first, I was going to get some that had colorful tops and came with stickers, when my mother full of wisdom told me that not many adults would enjoy receiving a rainbow-multicolored chapstick that looked like it came from a 4-year old's purse. So, I went with clear. That way, I can decorate it however I want or just leave it!

About the color... The red one was my f…

Twist-Up Bun With Bangs

This was a really fun style. I had it in my head, and the funny thing is that I was going to do a different style and it literally turned into this one as I braided. All I have to do is think of a style I know is within my ability, and let my hands do the rest!

I started by sectioning off that oval that has the side part right through it. This a step that is important to do first when doing this type of style. It gives you a base to part all the rest of your sections off. I also separated the bangs from the rest and whipped them up into a quick bun to keep them out of the way. Next, I did my side part right through. I've made the mistake of shaping the cornrow wrong on this kind of half-moon shape that you have to braid. It's best to just start the braid with a triangle section and braid straight back, just rounding it down a bit to work with the hair.
The rest is pretty darn easy if you go with the flow like I always say. You can do smaller or bigger sections in this style a…

Triple-Layer Supreme Pizza With Stuffed Crust

Ok, this is the MOST AMAZING pizza I have ever made and ate. Like, restaurant quality. It is 100% family approved; counting the homemade crust and piles of spinach, pepper, and mushroom, it's kind of healthy, if you look at it with the right perspective. But, when you layer the pepperoni like tiles, and then top that an inch of cheese, it gets a little sketchy. Anyway, lets start with the crust.

This is my grandma's recipe, and it is strictly the only one we use. No other can beat. So realize I am releasing to you top secret information. However, there is a funny story attached. In the midst of kitchen renovation, we had no trim on the window that we set our recipes on. And since we own a 75 year old house that got abused by the previous owners, there was an enormous crack on the windowsill that went all the way down to the basement. Somebody set the precious pizza dough recipe on that windowsill, a little too close to the crack. Seconds later, a little gust of air blew that …