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Dog Care

Dog Care Have you ever wondered what it would take to  to have a dog? Well, dogs do take some work but they are fun to take care of. Most dogs want their owner to be happy with them so it is totally easy to train them because they want to do what you want. So here are the basics of dog care for those who are curious. Before buying or dog sitting  a dog you must consider the maintenance it will need. Most everyday needs are easy like feeding, brushing and walking. However, as soon as you see those fancy dog feeders were you only refill like once a week and you can’t get it for some reason or the little mutt gets terrible mats and it takes fully ten minutes everyday to get them out, then you get a whole week of bad weather that you walk you dog in and smells like dead fish then it gets hard! These fleabags involve monthly necessities too. Some of them are bathing, teeth brushing and meads. Thankfully washing a dirty pup  is easy, just get your dog (and you!) wet, then soap ONLY the dog up …

Dresser and mirror redo!

This used to be green, and all the handles were falling off. I found the mirror in our alley. It was a weirdly soft wood (or particle board) and was covered in Pokemon stickers. There were mysterious holes clustered at the top coupled with a rusting piece of metal. Of course, I decided to take action (accounting on the fact I had been dreaming of a full sized mirror for my bedroom), and sanded, repainted, de-stickered, re-knobed both. At the time the only paint in our house that matched my bedroom was the purple from the dresser (I had done that one earlier with my mom) so I went on and used it for the mirror. To my surprise, when I took it to my room, it fitted perfectly on top of the dresser! Instant vanity (which I also had been wishing for)!

How to Wrap a Beautiful Bun!

Most people know how to do this already but if you need a how to here it is!:
1. brush your hair thoroughly so that there is NO tangles
2. flip your whole head over and brush again
3. smooth your hair into a rubber band with a soft brush
4. brush your ponytail
5. twist all your hair around the ponytail and then pin.
6. if needed use another rubber band.
7. hair spray the whole thing
I should look like this:

It takes some practice to get it how you want but I learned by doing it very often. The bun will smooth out after a few minutes so don't get all annoyed when its not perfect instantly!