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DIY Home Manicure!

Getting a manicure a the salon is sure a fun treat! However, you might want to save money and do it at home. I've experimented several times to find just the right procedure.  First off you need to remove any debris or paint with nail polish remover. I suggest acetone because it removes quickly so you aren't exposed to much rubbing of chemicals. The next step sounds kind of strange, but yes, I want you to rub your nails with lemon juice. The same stuff you use to make lemonade unless you buy the powder. Lemon juice can sting your fingers because of the amount of acid in it so you will most definitely want to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. While your at it, use a brush to get under those nails! You will need to moisturize your hands after all this rubbing and dousing in chemicals. You can use olive oil or any fancy cream you have on hand. (Literally.) Shape and cut your as needed. Strait across and round are both a potential depending on how you like it. I per…

Hi everybody!

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