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Cocoa Butter Moisturizer DIY

I've made a lotion tutorial before, which you can see here, but honestly, it wasn't really lotion! It was more of whipped butter. I guess a lot of the lotion DIY's out there were more of that texture though, so it wasn't like I was misguiding anybody.

This time, I tried a butter.
With skin butters, the whole idea is that you whip oils already called butters (shea, mango, etc.) with a non-solid oil like almond, olive, or avocado. However, depending on the amounts and ingredients, you'll get different textures.
The one that I made is more solid because cocoa butter is so hard. Actually, a good improvement to the recipe would be to add twice the amount of almond oil.
However, as soon as it hits the skin, this body butter goes on smoother ever. It feels so amazing you can't even believe it's real!

Being much less messy and complicated, this is a better recipe than my other one for beginners. Basically, you melt, chill, and whip.

Let's get on with it!


Pinwheel Sugar Cookies

This recipe is tried and true.
It's the one I always remember us making when I was little. Obviously, there's many out there, and lot's of different types. This one is a hard sugar cookie recipe, but you can subtract 2 minutes from the  cooking time and it will be nice and chewy.
You definitely won't finding these like the ones you buy that have 1/2 an inch of frosting and who knows what chemicals. Not that my recipe is any healthier. It's half sugar and butter, but I find that better than "preservatives" and "thickeners" and "emulsifiers." Kinda grosses me out to not know what's in my food unless it's Hot Cheetos.
Those have a special exception.
Laughing emoji.

Anyway, I love this one because you can flavor it, color it, top it, and shape it. Quite a versatile recipe.
This time, I decide to make pinwheels for St. Patrick's day. I also did crosses and 3 leaf clovers but didn't take pictures of those because the topic i…

5 Foods to Get You Un-Constipated NATURALLY

Let me just warn ya'll ahead a time, this is a pretty disgusting topic. If poop just grosses or embarrasses you out too much, don't read this, because there will be major excrement TMI going on here! One more thing, I'll be doing my best to use synonyms of our waste method, as to not constantly be giving you an image of the poop emoji.
If you have an issue of being constipated, and want to relieve it naturally, you're going to have to change your whole way of eating and drinking. It's not just like take these certain supplements and BOOM it's gone! It's way worth it though, because this can change more things than just pooping. Your whole digestive tract will thank you! The chance of getting colon cancer or diabetes will go way down, along with reducing stomach pain, bloating, obesity, and many other ailments that go along eating the wrong things.

Here's the science of it in a nutshell: you need a good ratio of water and fiber. The rough fiber cleans y…

Fried Chicken+My Hilarious Mistake

Dude, seriously.
More like your cooking life, though. I had been afraid to make fried chicken for sooo long because every time I did it, it did not work out! Me and my mom tried it over and over but we would burn it, the flour wouldn't stick, we'd forget the salt or not know what seasonings to use, and man would it be disappointing! But really, who wants to spend 2 hours making something wrong, and resulting in an over-greasy, burnt, not-worth-the-unhealthy ingredients dinner?!?
We had even tried the dried mashed potatoes thing, but why do we have to go through such an effort and use strange ingredients just to make something so many people can do in a heartbeat? Why couldn't we just make normally like those awesome Mississippi cooks?

I found ALL THE ANSWERS in this one video, made by a blogger/youtuber lady. Her trick is double dipping, lots of hot sauce and an unearthly amount of spices that give it perfect flavor. I was so happy and I couldn't even believe my inexp…

Pumpkin Streusel Bundt Cake

I couldn't stop eating this, so I quickly portioned out pieces to send home with my guests after we all ate our share. Of course, they loved it. Why? It wasn't so sweet that a vegan could only eat one square inch before launching into a diabetic coma! Originally, the recipe was only lightly dusted with a fraction of a teaspoon of powdered sugar. And you know, that ain't gonna cut it for me! I knew it wouldn't be as tasty without some other flavor and texture to top it with.
Therefore, I made a streusel.
It was different from ones I had made before, because you used melted butter and then mixed it in the already-warm pan that you heated it with.
Tried it anyway. Then, I had the splendid realization that it would fit perfectly with my bundt cake because it couldn't melt anymore that it already was in the oven.
Wait, don't you normally bake streusel? Ok, this is the deal. When you make a bundt cake, you flip it over, so whatever is on the bottom is actually…