The Answer to Remembering all Those Prayer Requests

The Prayer Wall

It used to be that when I sat down during my quiet time, I could literally never remember everything I was praying for. My other issue was that I'm terrible at memorizing stuff, so all the prayer requests I got pretty much went out the back window of my brain after the conversation was over.
There was a need for a real SOLUTION.

My solution was the prayer wall. It's a place were I put pictures, prayer requests, and those flyer people make with the stuff they need prayer for. It really helps and I love it because every time I come in my room it's like a little reminder goes off in my mind to pray!

After I had my prayer wall for a while, I started brainstorming how we could get the family's prayers all in one place that would be cute and match the rest of the house. That's were I came up with the prayer board. Actually a lot of people do it (which I discovered later on pinterest) and there are some great ideas out there.
Anyways, all we had was this gross old bulletin board that must be at least a decade old. It is literally in home videos from when I was 6, with the alphabet and first grade art plastered all over it!
Speaking of alphabet, if you look closely, there's a green "P" near the bottom which as a kindergartener, I drew on to my poor mom's horror, with permanent marker.
The other thing I discovered that could be of further use was this tray made of fake wood or something (come on people, can't we even use wood?!? It's so cheap!!!) that got warped from holding wet rags.

You would be quite surprised how much dated, crappy, ugly old junk can be completely transformed with a simple coat of paint leftover from the room you're putting it in.
Leftover wall paint does a lot.

The next thing I painted was the decrepitated bulletin board branded with the letter P.

It didn't seem like the cork would do well with semi-gloss, so I used matte, but matched the frame with the shinier paint to the trim and pictures already on the wall. Since the paint soaks in, mine required two coats all around and an overnight dry.

The next step is pretty simple and just requires creativity and open-mindedness to what stuff in your house could work to decorate. This is the kind of project were it seems like you need to buy everything to make it look adorable, but really you have a whole load of stuff already that would work perfectly. Here's a few ideas:
  • Decorative tape like duct tape, washi tape, or even electrical tape
  • Different colored paper, and even brown paper bags could work
  • Tacks (if their ugly just hot glue a button on top and you got cuteness!!!)
  • Pictures of people you're praying for
  • Flyers of prayer requests
  • Bible verses & quotes

The white painted cork board we had was perfectly fine, but we had a lot of things to hang up that were white, and I didn't want to go for the whole different-shades-of-white look.  So, I ended up using brown wrapping paper as a backround. This came out really cute, especially with those teal vintage tacks! 
It's important to first start with the title, and this you want to make in preparation to the rest of the board, not making it to small or large. It makes it easier to do the rest of the board when you're not  calculating how much room you have the whole time. 

A few ideas to get your creativity rolling:
1. Make a border around the edge

2. Cut out paper shapes with different edges for prayer requests

3. Print out pictures of things you are praying for like your city, family members, and things you want

4. Do some prayer art journaling by filling in those bible verse coloring pages!

5. Tape some squares and right quotes inside of them

6. Make a banner across the top or string with clothes pins to hang up prayers

The last thing I did was set a little tray under the board with pens, paper, and a jar to put beans in for answered prayers. Overall it came out really good! It's so adorable and totally helps to remind us throughout the day to pray for people. Not to mention it's so easy and cute looking!

Thanks for reading! Comment with a picture below if you've tried it or have something like it; I'd love, LOVE to see.


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