Pigs in a Blanket

This is an easy recipe that I remember being a favorite in all my childhood.
I mean, what's better than a crescent-roll covered cocktail sausage DIPPED (my relationship with all dipped things is quite attached) in whatever suits your fancy?!? And in a kids eyes, it's just a hotdog you can grab and devour without much mess.
It takes literally 20 minutes to make and bake; bonus! And since we're using crescent rolls and cocktail sausages, it isn't a gross little kid snack that all the adults eye with disgust as they feed it to their children.
When you make this for parties, picnics, lunch boxes and picky kids, you'll be sure to succeed! I set this down on the counter and within an hour they were completely gone and I have no recollection of any leftovers whatsoever.
The best thing about this is that you only need two ingredients: crescent rolls, and cocktail sausages.

That is IT.




Crescent rolls in a can
Twice as many pre-cooked cocktail sausages as crescent rolls


Take each dough triangle and cut it in half longways so you have two tall triangles. Set a sausage on the fat end and roll as you normally would. Set with end down on an ungreased cookie sheet. Fill the pan up with room to rise, and bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. After they cool for 5 minutes, remove and eat warm.

See that pile?
It didn't take long to be gone.

Important Instructions

First of all, do not buy the crescent rolls pre-rolled and frozen in a bag. Buy the ones refrigerated in a can that you have to roll yourself. That's why I said you would have triangle of dough that you have to cut in half longways. 

Second of all, don't eat these without a dip.
You have to have a dip. At least mustard and ketchup!!!
If you think they taste amazing alone, imagine how much more when you dip them. And do it the way were you can get a lot on without double dipping to the best flavor.

Lastly, don't underbake them or it will be gross. If you see in the picture above, the one on the bottom left corner is mostly white and good have done better with more time. The one in the center that's showing off its side is the PERFECT amount of brown.


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