Fried Chicken+My Hilarious Mistake

Dude, seriously.
More like your cooking life, though. I had been afraid to make fried chicken for sooo long because every time I did it, it did not work out! Me and my mom tried it over and over but we would burn it, the flour wouldn't stick, we'd forget the salt or not know what seasonings to use, and man would it be disappointing! But really, who wants to spend 2 hours making something wrong, and resulting in an over-greasy, burnt, not-worth-the-unhealthy ingredients dinner?!?
We had even tried the dried mashed potatoes thing, but why do we have to go through such an effort and use strange ingredients just to make something so many people can do in a heartbeat? Why couldn't we just make normally like those awesome Mississippi cooks?

I found ALL THE ANSWERS in this one video, made by a blogger/youtuber lady. Her trick is double dipping, lots of hot sauce and an unearthly amount of spices that give it perfect flavor. I was so happy and I couldn't even believe my inexperience fried-chicken-making hands created this dish of my dreams!!!

She is so funny in her video I burst out laughing quite a few times! 

Here's the link to her recipe:

That girl did such a good job, I wasn't even going to try to make my own tutorial. She covers it all, you don't have to know a thing about making fried chicken or frying to have total success in following her recipe!

One thing to note is you don't have to use an entire chicken with all its various shapes and different cooking times. I just cut up some boneless chicken breasts into equal sizes.

Ready for My Big Mistake?

Actually, I had two.
The first one looked really chaotic and hilarious, and the second was just plain dumb.
Ok, so I used a paper bag because it coats the chicken amazingly, without wiping it off like a ziplock does. Mine was too thin though, so right in the middle of chicken shaking, flour starts poofing out of this little rip in the seam like never before. Here I am, trying to tape on top of flour and running all around with raw chicken hands and flour just throwing its weight around my kitchen. Oh my goodness, it looked so hilarious I'm laughing at myself right now even though in the moment it was so aggravating. Now ya'll, this all would have been fine if I had another paper bag to transfer to. But no, we had to be all out at that time. Why, oh why?
Thankfully I was halfway through the second breading, so I just finished it up with three ziplocks and lots more flour so none of it came off. They didn't do as good a job though! ;-P

So, she says to pour half of your spices into your flour mixture and sprinkle the rest over both sides of the chicken. Well, I missed that step entirely and just dumped it all into my breading flour!
It ended up being totally fine though, because spices end up re-mixing with the flour when you pop the chicken in anyways. I think she spiced it first, because you want them to really seep into the meat, and you might not end up using all the flour that has the spices in it. Therefore, resulting in not-so-spiced fried chicken. I had too much chicken though, so I used it all up plus more.
Believe me, this girl puts LOTS of spices in, so don't you worry about it not being flavorful! It tastes amazing! I'd only suggest not putting in regular salt instead of smoked salt if you don't have it. That's what I did, but you can even skip it completely if you want because I felt it was a mite too much. Of course it was hardly noticeable, but I always like to mention ways to improve a recipe. And ya'll, I'm all about adding flavor, so don't be thinkin' "oh she's just a bland-tongued one trying to cut down on salt!"

I highly suggest putting this recipe on your menu for next week, it's really worth the frying and carbs.


  1. Heavenly. That chicken was hard to stop eating and if you hadn't made so much, we wouldn't have fought over leftovers the next day. This would be a great Father's Day or Grandfather's Day meal. Add some Grilled corn and a cool salad or Mash potatoes and gravy and you are rocking it. Great Job Abigail. A+++++++ for determination to find the right recipe, for diligence to make it and for High Quality.

  2. Gotcha on speed dial, Abi!

  3. Looks so yummy Abi. You are cooking up a storm over there. xoxox

  4. Will you let me come over and cook up a storm for you? Or maybe you should teach me some of your healthy Ann Arbor-ish recipes...


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